Session 1

Keynote Address
Session Chair: Doheon Lee (KAIST, Korea)

8:50 - 9:35AM

Keynote : Unveiling the Ubiquitination Network Using Bioinformatics, Gwan-Su Yi (KAIST)

Session 2

Mining Clinical Data and Text
Session Chair: Hua Xu (Vanderbilt University, US)

9:35 10:00AM

Clinical Entity Recognition using Structural Support Vector Machines with Rich Features (Buzhou Tang; Hongxin Cao; Yonghui Wu; Min Jiang ; Hua Xu)

Coffee Break

10:00 10:30AM


10:30 10:55AM

Inferring Appropriate Eligibility Criteria in Clinical Trial Protocols Without Labeled Data (Angelo Restificar ; Sophia Ananiadou)

10:55 11:10AM

Predicting Baby Feeding Method from Unstructured Electron Health Record (Ashwani Rao; Kristin Maiden; Benjamin Carterette ; Deborah Ehrentha)

11:10 11:35AM

Extracting Structured Information from Free-Text Medication Prescriptions Using Dependencies (Andrew MacKinlay ; Karin Verspoor)


11:35 1:30PM


Session 3

Mining Biological Data and Text
Session Chair: Min Song (Yonsei University, Korea)

1:30 1:55PM

Indexing Methods for Efficient Protein 3D Surface Search (Sungchul Kim; Sael Lee ; Hwanjo Yu)

1:55 2:20PM

Protein Complex Prediction via Bottleneck-Based Graph Partitioning (Jaegyoon Ahn; Dae Hyun Lee; Youngmi Yoon; Yunku Yeu ; Sanghyun Park)

2:20 2:35PM

Finding associations among SNPs for prostate cancer using collaborative filtering (Rohit Kugaonkar; Aryya Gangopadhyay; Yelena Yesha; Anupam Joshi; Yaacov Yesha; Michael Grasso; Mary Brady ; Napthali Rishe)

2:35 3:00PM

Detecting Type 2 Diabetes Causal SNP Combinations from GWAS Dataset with Optimal Filtration (Chiyong Kang; Hyeji Yu ; Gwan-Su Yi)

Coffee Break

3:00 3:30PM


3:30 3:55PM

TNMCA: Generation and Application of Network Motif-Based Inference Models for Drug Repositioning (Jaejoon Choi; Kwangmin Kim; Min Song ; Doheon Lee)

3:55 4:20PM

High Precision Rule Based PPI Extraction and Per-Pair Basis Performance (Junkyu Lee; Seongsoon Kim; Sunwon Lee; Kyubum Lee ; Jaewoo Kang)

4:20 4:45PM

Rule-based whole body modeling for analyzing multi-compound effects (Woochang Hwang; Yongdeuk Hwang; Sunjae Lee ; Doheon Lee)

4:45 5:00PM

Lexicon-free and context-free drug names identification methods using Hidden Markov Models and Pointwise Mutual Information (Jacek Malyszko ; Agata Filipowska)