Keynote Speaker

Gwan-Su Yi
Associate Professor, Department of Bio and Brain Engineering
Affiliated associated Professor, Department of Computer Science
KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
South Korea

Title: Unveiling the Ubiquitination Network Using Bioinformatics

Ubiquitination is a regulatory process responsible for regulating the degradation of proteins, and it thought to control the turnover of ~80% of cellular proteins. The enzyme ubiquitin-protein ligase (E3) is of particular importance in the ubiquitination process by recognizing specific substrate proteins. The presence of various different E3s and their substrate specificity indicate that protein degradation is specifically controlled by E3s. Thus, comprehensive knowledge about the substrate specificity of E3s can enhance the understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of cellular processes. The existing findings of substrate specificity of E3 are, however, scattered over a number of resources, making it difficult to study them together with an integrative view. These scattered data can be integrated into a comprehensive E3-substrate network by extracting them from heterogeneous resources using a well-designed data mining scheme. In this talk, Prof. Yi will present how newly developed E3Net provide comprehensive collection of available E3s and their substrates, and discuss how this tool can expand our understanding of cellular regulatory processes.